Crossroads Cultural Resource Management (CRM) is British Columbia’s leading full-spectrum cultural resource management firm.

We provide services to a variety of sectors throughout British Columbia, from First Nations to industry, NGOs, government, academia, and community groups. Our expertise in recognizing and managing the intangible aspects of CRM and our extensive experience with ancestral burial grounds are what set us apart from other consulting companies.


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What Our Clients Say

“Crossroads prioritizes relationships and people. Our focus on science has been perfectly balanced with the people first approach for which Crossroads is known.”

Kala Hooker
Operations Manager, Bulkley Valley Research Centre

"Crossroads made a very difficult situation into a positive one.  Their cross cultural understanding and ability to bridge the needs of industry and First Nations is not only unique, but very successful."

Stacey Sinclair
Senior Field Manager, BC Hydro

“We are so appreciative of the culturally sensitive approach that Crossroads brings to all of their projects with us.  They respect and understand our values and beliefs.”

Dora Wilson/ Yaga'lalh
Dora Wilson/ Yaga'lalh
Chief, Hagwilget Village Council

“The manner in which Crossroads practices CRM is important and unique.  Their approach should be practiced throughout Canada and beyond.”

Greg George
Greg George
Business Development Advisor, Indigenous Relations, Government of Alberta


No other CRM firm offers the benefit of our established network and relationships.

Crossroads CRM believes in the power of strong relationships and we understand the time it takes to establish those meaningful relationships — something that can make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful project outcome. Since we have intimate connections with the people and landscape within our geographic region, we are able to offer a level of service that is not only unique, but unparallelled.

We also understand that maintaining good relationships means clarity through a well-defined governance structure, something we create for each project and overriding program to ensure due process is met both immediately and over the long term.


We have established relationships with the majority of government agencies, environmental consulting firms, academic institutions, conservation organizations and other public agencies with interests in natural and cultural resource management.  This allows us to work more efficiently and from a better-informed position.  It also strengthens our project methodologies and outcomes, as we rely on the power of our established network for support.  This ensures our ability to deliver excellent service and products.

Some of our affiliations include:


We’re always keen to work with knowledgeable and enthusiastic people—colleagues who will commit to building a career with us, who share our core values, and who believe, as we do, that your work makes a difference in people’s lives.

Tell us why you want to work with us. But send us more than just a standard resume. Tell us about your creativity, your approach to archaeology in general and cultural resource management in particular, and especially how you see yourself fitting in at Crossroads CRM.